Cornell Faculty Club Upgrades Look, Features

Sept. 1, 2008

The Griffis Faculty Club at Weill Cornell Medical College (WMC) and New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYH) recently reopened following extensive renovations by architects CetraRuddy Inc.

PHOTO: Cetra Ruddy

CetraRuddy consulted with both institutions to meet the needs of their members and board, including creating an environment that would appeal to existing members and a new generation of members for the future. The Griffis Faculty Club at 1300 York Avenue serves the faculty for meals, lectures, and special events as well as creating a location where members can meet relax and exchange ideas.

The renovation of the 6,500-square-foot club improved infrastructure by increasing efficiency in the kitchen, upgrading IT/audio-visual capability, adding storage and improving aesthetics for a more efficient facility. 

The main meeting room, which functions as both a banquet space and university meeting space, is highlighted by a broad vaulted ceiling fabricated from high-tech acoustical plaster that has been scored with an intricate lattice pattern. Walls are paneled in a highly figured walnut that was selected for the project from a 300-year-old Swiss tree. A CetraRuddy custom-designed carpet features a varied coordinating design in the private dining room.

A new component of the Griffis Faculty Club is a bar area for off-hours gatherings. The crystal chandelier from the club's original facility has been incorporated as a central design feature. A glass, walnut, and marble bar lends a welcoming touch.

The faculty club, which has become a thriving and active component for the medical college and hospital, also provides a location for press events, development/fund-raising activities, special educational events, and social events and plays host to Board of Director meetings. The use and role of the club has increased greatly since its inception in 1963, growing 70 percent over the last 4 years, and rising from 325 members in 2001 to 550 today.

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