Product Q+A: Zip Stitch by Bentley Prince Street

Sept. 1, 2008
BIRTHPLACELos Angeles, CAPARENTSI am the love child of hemp and post-consumer recycled yarn.SIBLINGSI come from an extended family, but I'm closest to my cousins from the big city—Urban Scene and Urban Tribe (don't tell, but they're my favorites).MEASUREMENTS12 feet, 6 inches when I'm on a roll, and sometimes I show up 18 inches square.ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINTI've taken a big step toward my goal of leaving no environmental footprint by 2020.FAVORITE COLORSI'm green in every color.HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YORUSELF?I'm down to earth, but extremely elegant. And I'm a great conversation starter because everyone always wants to know what I was in a past life.DO YOU HAVE A MOTTO?Make Hemp Not War.WHAT'S YOUR BEST FEATURE?If I do say so myself, I have good lines. And once you get to know me, you'll appreciate my fun zipper detail. WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST AT HOME?I like being underneath everything else.WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL?I look good and feel good ... while doing good.PROUDEST MOMENTClosing the loop! Who ever thought Type 6,6 nylon could be made right back into Type 6,6 nylon? ReEntry® 2.0 rocks!ASPIRATIONS OR DREAMSCreate a revolution. Provoke change. Make carpet from carpet.

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