FloorFolio Introduces Resilient Recycling Program

Sept. 16, 2008

EDISON, NJ - A common problem concerning the industry is the lack of recyclable resilient floor products manufactured every year. Considering the application and installment processes employed when resilient flooring is applied there is a limited chance for afterlife reuse. After being glued down to a substrate the adhesive cannot be removed, turning the resilient flooring covering into wasted material. FloorFolio™ has finally found an environmentally friendly solution to this complex problem.

FloorFolio Industries recently announced a new program, offering customers the option of reclaiming any manufacturers' sheet vinyl flooring material. Responsive Flooring will use this material as well as reclaimed material from all over the world for re-use in future production. The new policy is an exciting way for Responsive Flooring, as well as its customers, to be ecologically friendly as well as responsible for reducing waste to the environment. It is a goal of Responsive Flooring and FloorFolio Industries to be proactive members of the eco-community, and there is hope that with this new policy, much unnecessary waste will be reduced.

FloorFolio Industries shares in the global commitment to both sustaining and conserving the environment. As the exclusive distributor of Responsive Flooring, they recognize that "Going Green" has become more than a hot topic—it is a meaningful endeavor and one FloorFolio feels is of utmost importance.

It is with this understanding that FloorFolio continually works to ensure that their products meet all necessary environmental standards. However, FloorFolio personally feels that simply meeting the standards is not enough. With the implementation of their new recycling policy, they will be going beyond just meeting the industry standards, and are raising the bar even higher for all manufacturers for waste reduction. With the employment of their new plan, Responsive is not only incorporating true post-industrial content into its product but, is the first in the industry to integrate its own post-consumer recycled materials into resilient floor covering.

Post-consumer recycled content is by far the most desirable content because it involves reclaiming material after it has been used by the customer. Responsive will be incorporating post-consumer and post-industrial materials with the use of this recycling program.

The opportunity FloorFolio now offers is the first of its kind in the industry. With this unprecedented option the company will not only be accepting their own reclaimed product, but also that of their competitors. "It has always been a personal goal of mine to run a company that is as environmentally friendly as possible. We have found a way to make the production process less harmful to the environment and FloorFolio is proud to offer a product our customers can feel good about installing," notes Michael Freedman, president and CEO of FloorFolio.

FloorFolio's commitment to preserving the earth is genuine. They are excited to be able to provide their customers with an outstanding product in Responsive Flooring and to encourage positive changes within the environment. The environmental benefits of a FloorFolio floor surpass their new program and extend to compliant adhesives and sealants as well as green cleaning and maintenance benefits and much more.

FloorFolio Industries, located in Edison, N.J., is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Responsive Flooring. For more information regarding FloorFolio Industries, call (800) 671-1124 or go to www.floorfolio.com.

About Responsive Flooring
A division of Responsive Industries, Responsive Flooring (ISO 9001 and 14001 certified) is a fourth generation, family-owned business based in Mumbai, India.  Responsive has developed a strong presence and reputation in the Indian, European and Asian markets by producing quality flooring at competitive prices. 

About FloorFolio Industries
Headquartered in Edison, N.J., FloorFolio Industries serves as a singular source for distributors nationwide seeking a comprehensive portfolio of commercial flooring products at competitive prices. All products offered by FloorFolio have been hand-selected for distribution in the United States and are polyurethane reinforced (PUR). 

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