Healthy By Design

Sept. 16, 2008

Did you know that ... hospital floors in surgical suites are made of a specific color and texture to help staff spot dropped needles or other contaminates?

Healthcare facilities have unique design requirements; ASID members proudly work to meet those requirements for both new and newly renovated healthcare facilities by placing a premium on the safety, privacy, and comfort of patients, their loved ones, and the personnel they depend on.  

Professional designers ensure the environment of healthcare facilities contribute to the recovery process and general well-being of patients by designing "hotel-like" recovery rooms that focus on the comfort of the patient and visiting family members, and by creating work and patient areas that promote recovery and protect the privacy of patients and their records. 

From the implementation of antimicrobial materials and strategically positioned hand-washing sinks that reduce the spread of infection, to the placement of staff support areas in proximity to patients' rooms to speed up responsiveness and reduce personnel stress and fatigue,  professional designers employ their experience, education  and understanding to design safe, efficient, and healing environments.

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