InformeDesign Releases Implications on Lighting Vertical Surfaces

Sept. 2, 2008

WASHINGTON - Proper lighting of vertical surfaces in architectural spaces is the topic of the new issue of Implications, a monthly research newsletter on design and human behavior produced by InformeDesign®. The article covers essential lighting concepts as well as tools designers can use to define and refine their lighting solutions.

Architectural lighting and daylighting expert, Michael Kroelinger, Ph.D., AIA, FIIDA, LC, provides a general overview of the types of light sources, luminaires and lighting techniques employed in lighting vertical surfaces and addresses wall wash, accent lighting, the lighting of speakers at podiums or lecterns, and other uses. He addresses perceptual and behavioral factors that can influence how lighting affects occupants in a given space. Kroelinger, a professor in the College of Design at Arizona State University, cites a number of resources—in print and on the Web—that designers can consult for more in-depth information. 

To view or download a copy of this issue, go to the InformeDesign Web site at and select Implications from the Main Menu. To access this free site, you must register.

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