Hubbell Lighting Launches National Sustainability Program

Sept. 29, 2008

GreenWise™, an unparalleled nationwide sustainable lighting initiative designed to benefit commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities throughout the United States, has been launched by Hubbell Lighting.

Crafted to visibly demonstrate how reducing ones lighting energy consumption can be effectively and affordably achieved, the unique Hubbell Lighting program offers decision makers a wide choice of sustainable lighting solutions that will go right to the bottom line.

With 80 percent of the existing commercial buildings in the United States operating with lighting systems dating back to the 1980s, Hubbell's intention is to reach out to building owners, building operators, facility managers, and other decision makers responsible for operations to show them the benefits that will accrue as a result of employing energy conscious lighting principles.

"We are embarking on a nationwide program to reach these people in their school buildings, government facilities, hospitals, factories and office high rises and demonstrate to each how an investment in 21st century energy efficient lighting systems will not only make their bottom line healthier, but also will significantly contribute to the greening of their communities. Today, buildings of every description account for nearly 40 percent of all CO2 emissions in the United States, and two-thirds of the electricity we consume. Hubbell Lighting is committed to changing these equations for the better," says Scott Muse, president of Hubbell Lighting.

Hubbell Lighting's GreenWise program embraces the breadth of its 18 indoor and outdoor brands, each producing a broad spectrum of energy conservative lighting fixtures, and the depth of its educational opportunities available through its remarkable Lighting Solutions Center in Greenville, SC.

To jump-start this on-going program, Hubbell Lighting will be distributing market specific information directly through its national network of agents and through its new GreenWise Web site. The information Hubbell is making available will clearly define what is at stake and provide viable and affordable solutions.

For example, Hubbell Lighting will take school officials on a virtual tour of a typical facility starting at the entrance and going on to the lobby, classrooms, hallways, gymnasium, private offices, school grounds, bus loading zones, sports fields, and parking lots, among other areas. Energy efficient lighting fixtures are identified and features and benefits are outlined for each location on the "tour." Lamp choices are also explained with an overview of the pros and cons of each lamp type.

Additionally, the Hubbell presentations introduce lighting control technology detailing the effective employment of occupancy sensors, daylight sensing controls, and networked lighting controls. Finally, school officials are presented with simple lighting tips for saving energy in existing schools and universities that require minimal capital investment and can often produce paybacks in less than two years.

Similar tours have been prepared for hospitals, government facilities, commercial office buildings, and industrial manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

"Educating the greater marketplace and encouraging everyone to do something about conserving energy is a win-win for the environment, and for the future well being of virtually every business and building in America to say nothing of the population. Through the launching of this effort, Hubbell Lighting will reinforce its enviable position of being the clear go to source for sustainable lighting solutions," concludes Muse.

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