Horizon Wind Energy's Corporate Headquarters, Houston, Texas

Oct. 1, 2008

LEED Silver

lean, renewable energy sources are a significant component of green design. Therefore, it is only fitting for a company that specializes in harvesting wind energy to be awarded Houston's first LEED-CI Silver project.

Horizon Wind Energy, a wind farm manufacturer based in Houston, has more than 200 employees and regional offices in New York, Oregon, Illinois, California, Colorado, and Minnesota. Horizon has developed more than 2,000 megawatts and operates more than 1,500 megawatts of wind farms.

Expressing an interest in providing a healthy, productive, and green environment for its employees, Horizon officials turned to the A&D firm Kirksey. Utilizing a 13,000-square-foot space in a facility that was built in 1927, designers from Kirksey implemented LEED standards, with construction costs coming in at around $65 per square foot.

Every space has access to daylight and views. Transparent conference rooms and a break area spill into a common corridor leading to the open work area. Existing granite floors from the historic building were reused and granite from the existing space was re-deployed throughout as wall base, millwork, counters, and the reception desk.

Additional sustainable design solutions that were implemented:

  • 69 percent of the construction waste was recycled
  • Lighting power density was reduced by 25 percent
  • A dimming system is controlled by photocells to harvest daylight
  • 67 percent of materials were manufactured locally
  • Water use was reduced by 42 percent using low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Low-VOC materials were used throughout
  • Half the number of required parking spaces are provided, encouraging employees to car pool, bike or use mass transit
  • Secure bike storage and two shower rooms are provided
  • Materials with recycled content were specified, including metal studs, gypsum panels, ceiling tiles, office partitions, millwork, carpet, lockers, seating, and window shades.
Above (larger image) & Below (larger image): Granite floors and surfaces from the existing space were reused throughout Horizon's new headquarters. Reuse applications included wall base, millwork, countertops, and the reception desk.

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