Maximizing Employee Productivity … By Design

Nov. 11, 2008

Did you know that studies have found that comfortable work environments can significantly influence employee morale and boost productivity?

Organizations that ignore or fail to take seriously the well-being of employees run the risk of decreasing their own bottom line. Poorly designed work spaces can lead to a number of physical ailments for employees ranging from general distraction and feelings of fatigue to headaches and strain on the eyes, wrists, back and neck. Not only can work-induced physical problems lend to potential liability but they can also significantly reduce employee productivity on an hourly and daily basis. 

Professional interior designers know how to positively influence employee productivity by designing comfortable work spaces. ASID members create ergonomically correct work environments that provide adjustable products and systems—such as those enabling workers to adjust lower-body support, view computer screens at appropriate distances, and position their wrists and upper bodies so as to reduce physical strain. 

Experts agree that lighting in most offices today is too bright and that most employees prefer lower light levels. ASID members understand the ways in which lighting levels can affect employees and often employ a more residential approach to lighting that involves ambient, task and natural light. 

The most frequent employee complaint about the work environment centers on lack of control over air quality and temperature control. Professional interior designers improve indoor air quality within office environments by installing air cleaners and laying out work spaces with adjustable venting which enables employees to regulate the amount of air circulation in certain areas. Employees that are comfortable in the work environment are better able to deal with stress, maintain focus, feel positive about daily tasks and remain productive throughout the workday. ASID members bring the expertise and experience necessary to implement design strategies that improve employee well-being within the workplace, increasing worker productivity and bolstering the bottom line.

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