New Engineering School Maximizes Flexibility

Nov. 12, 2008
November 12, 2008
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Heritage Glass is a colored glass aggregate supplier to the terrazzo industry. We have taken the best color formulations and developed a way to process recycled glass into a terrazzo aggregate that has a desirable, multi-dimensional shape and permanent color that is not found in natural marble aggregate. With a wide range of color, glass is a perfect choice in terrazzo. Transparent glass also adds a sparkle and depth to terrazzo floors that can't be duplicated.

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New Engineering School Maximizes Flexibility
Two-thirds of the space in the new Brauer Hall at Washington University in St. Louis will be dedicated to research laboratories designed to maximize flexibility across a range of research activities. The architect combined its expertise in state-of-the-art "plug-and-play" laboratories and historic preservation into a unified concept.

SCHOTTDichroic Glazing Comes of Age Dublin's No. 1 Grand Canal Square comes to life with large-scale dichroic glass and an innovative, contemporary design.

Green Roofs Go Up in Birmingham, Eng.
Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular with planners who are keen to see innovative uses of sustainable materials as well as the enhancement of city living spaces. At one building, a green roof makes an attractive, landscaped lid for a basement car park. In another, green roofs provide a splash of natural color.

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India Grapples with Environmental IssuesWater-related concerns stop many construction projects. Water scarcity has become a major hurdle, and new layouts don't have a system in place to drain out waste water. In addition, one professional says that builders should stem the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and reverse it over the next 10 years.  
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Transoft Solutions: Driving productivity through innovation

Architects, engineers, and drafters worldwide use Transoft Solutions’ time-saving, quality-enhancing CAD software to get their site development and infrastructure assignments completed.

With software for vehicle turn simulation, parking lot design, and airport planning, have everything you need to evaluate and assess everyday and unique design challenges. We have the solutions that reduce project time and trim costs letting you become more productive.

Become more productive with us today: visit or call 1.888.244.8387 to find out how.

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Nissan Design Takes on Architecture
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Church Doors Challenged by Unusual Proportions

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Heritage Glass Innovates in Colored Glass

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