LG Floors Announces Major Advancements in Recycling

Dec. 30, 2008

LG Floors has taken resilient floor manufacturing and environmental stewardship to the next level via state-of-the-art technology and innovative, cutting-edge programs.

Traditionally, resilient flooring manufacturers have been plagued by the fact that after installation, their products were limited in afterlife recyclability and reuse. In particular, when a resilient floor is glued down to a substrate, the adhesive cannot be removed afterward, making the flooring unusable in its afterlife.

Additionally, a true source of recycled material has never been easy to find. While many producers reuse their scrap back into their product, ISO references in the LEED Rating System do not quality that as post-industrial content. Today, many manufacturers are unaware of this definition and still promote their products as containing post-industrial material. This incorrect classification has led to major confusion for both specifiers and end-users. Therefore, LG Floors mounted a strong R&D program and subsequently found a solution to this problem.

LG discovered several ways to not only incorporate true post-industrial content into its product, but for the first time in the industry, was able to use its own post-consumer recycled content into the production of new resilient floor covering. Post-consumer recycled content is considered to be more difficult to obtain than post-industrial content, because it involves the challenging process of reclaiming material after installation and being used by the end-user. And unlike post-industrial content which is available in great quantity through factories, post-consumer material is spread out amount many households.

So, LG created a new program which incorporated both post-industrial AND post-consumer content. This program has LG domestically reclaiming its own product (as well as that of the competition) from individual households and end-users, and then re-using this material to again be incorporated in the production of new flooring. This is the closest any resilient flooring maker has ever come to a closed loop manufacturing process.

There are many other environmental benefits that are gained by using LG flooring: indoor environmental quality, compliant adhesives and sealants, green cleaning and maintenance, and much more.

LG Floors, one of the world's foremost producers of resilient floor covering, has been supplying the North American marketplace with the highest-quality product lines for more than a decade. The company's manufacturing facilities use the most advanced technology and are ISO-14001- and ISO-9001-certified for both environmental and quality standards. For more information, contact LG Floors at (888) 543-5872 (LGFL-USA) or www.lgfloors-usa.com.

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