Biomimicry: Nature's Lessons

Feb. 18, 2009

Whether it’s the passively cooled Eastgate Center in Harare, Zimbabwe, which mimics the way termites maintain constant internal temperatures, the Singapore Art Center’s building skin louver system inspired by the way polar bear hairs regulate light and heat absorption, or the Waterloo, Canada, airport terminal with its plates of glass hinging together like the scales of the armadillo-resembling pangolin, architects are looking to nature for innovative design solutions.

Although biomimicry, the science of studying nature and applying its principles to solve design challenges, has already influenced a handful of products and building projects around the world, two significant new initiatives promise to speed the transition from theory to practice in the built environment.

“We’re surrounded by genius. What if every time you, or any other designer in the world, had a challenge you could ask, ‘How would nature solve it?’ ” challenges Janine Benyus, co-founder of the Biomimicry Guild, Helena, MT, in a keynote address at Greenbuild 2008 in Boston.

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After more than 3 years of work, the Intl. Dark Sky Association (ID) and Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Joint Task Force has completed its work and approved the long-awaited Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO) for review and public comment through the parent organizations. The MLO is a breakthrough piece of civil legislation designed to be used universally by communities to promote the implementation of energy-efficient outdoor lighting.
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William Penn University Goes Green with Fabric Duct, Geothermal, and Energy Recovery
William Penn University’s $25 million construction project for two individual academic and athletic buildings is the largest and greenest expansion in the private university’s 135-year history. The Oskaloosa, IA-based institution’s latest project features geothermal heating/cooling, fabric ductwork, energy recovery ventilators (ERVs), a state-of-the-art building automation system, and other cutting-edge technology, make these two of the greenest campus buildings in the Midwest.
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Program Focuses on the Use of Wood in Non-Residential Structures
The Tacoma, WA-based Wood Products Council’s WoodWorks program has announced a new educational program of monthly webinars focused on the use of wood in non-residential applications. “The fact that building codes are increasingly recognizing that wood structures can be taller while achieving required levels of safety and durability makes this an exciting time to be designing in wood,” says Dwight Yochim, national director of the WoodWorks program.“
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February 18, 2009
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Hard Rock Café Intl. modernizes the interior lighting of its iconic dome ceiling at the corporation's venue on Universal’s famed City Walk.
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