Cambean Hospitality Re-Introduces the Clifton South Beach as a Green Hotel

March 3, 2009

Cambean Hospitality, a Miami Beach-based hospitality group that owns and manages four boutique-hotel properties in the historic South Beach area, announced the re-launching of the historic Clifton South Beach. The 35-room hotel is currently undergoing a multi-million-dollar renovation, and is scheduled to open in early 2009. When complete, the hotel will seek to become the first LEED-certified hotel in Florida, and the first LEED-certified historic hotel in the nation. The building has been designed to meet LEED Gold certification.

Built in 1948, the post-war architecture of the Clifton also incorporates distinct elements of the unique Art Deco style that has defined the popular tourist and nightlife area for more than six decades. While the property’s historic façade will remain the same, the interior of the Clifton is being completely transformed with modern, eco-luxury furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

“The Clifton will be a virtual showcase of sustainable hospitality features and practices,” states Brian Scheinblum, president of Cambean Hospitality. “We’re very excited about this property because it demonstrates how we can maintain the luxury our guests expect while incorporating responsible green practices that promote sustainability in the industry. We’re the first to address all the technology and FF&E possibilities available, and we hope that other properties will follow our lead – not only in South Beach or Miami, but worldwide.”

The Clifton’s multi-million-dollar renovation includes a series of steps that are specifically designed to achieve LEED Gold standards. These include a custom-designed air-conditioning system; an occupancy-sensing energy-management system; LED lamps; water-conserving dual-flush toilets and high-efficiency faucets; energy-efficient windows; carpet and fabrics made from recycled products; custom bamboo furniture; the use of linens that require up to 30-percent less water, detergent, and energy to launder; and the storage and collection of recyclable products.

“With the Clifton, we had the opportunity to set a precedent in the hospitality industry, and also become familiar with sustainable, eco-friendly systems as we begin the long-term integration of these practices and technologies into all of our properties,” states Scheinblum. “We’re eager to show the South Beach community – as well as Florida, and the nation – that it’s possible to be successful, responsible, and sexy at the same time.”

Cambean Hospitality also owns and manages three other properties in the South Beach/Miami Beach area, including the Majestic Hotel South Beach, the Nash Hotel, and the Carlton Hotel South Beach.

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