Aluminum Honeycomb Light Shelves by Firestone Metal Products

April 1, 2009

The new UNA-CLAD™ LS-1 honeycomb light shelf system enhances a building’s interior appearance by directing daylight deeper into the interior of the building. By bringing natural light deeper in to the building, light shelves increase visual comfort and occupant satisfaction. Combine the light shelves with a UNA-CLAD sunscreen system to optimize natural light usage while reducing energy consumption.

The UNA-CLAD honeycomb light shelf is an economical, lightweight product that offers longer-span capabilities and is easy to install. As always, Firestone Metal Products provides maximum design flexibility to create a solution to fit your specific needs. With the new LS-1, you can choose from an extensive selection of bullnose blade profiles, select concealed mounting brackets or customized outrigger wall attachments, set the shelves to any angle, and choose different colors for the top and bottom of your shelf.  

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