LED Advantus by Visa Lighting

April 3, 2009

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Recognizing the importance of sustainability across its products, processes and work environment, Visa Lighting continues to meld environmental responsibility with the beauty of art in light.

With this in mind, its LED Advantus sets a new standard for tubular fixtures. Extruded from reclaimed aluminum and finished with no-VOC powder coating, the ADA-compliant LED Advantus is environmentally innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

Optically enhanced to provide increased energy efficiency, reflectors are engineered to optimize with a combination of complex spline curves and straight segments which minimize inter-reflection and maximize forward throw illumination—producing a smooth, uniform surface illumination.

“We are pleased to be recognized as a Bloom Award winner,” said Jimalee Dakin, VP sales and marketing for Visa. “Our R&D team took LED technology a step further by incorporating LED sources into tubular lighting systems.

This next generation LED application offers customers energy and maintenance savings with longer lamp life and light output comparable to traditional sources.”

The neutral white LED sources do not emit ultraviolet light, alleviating potential damage to art, fabric or materials. Mercury-free, LEDs do not negatively affect waste stream as do CFLs or other lamp choices. A remote high power factor electronic driver provides constant current to protect LEDs from overheating and premature failure, prolonging source life.

Easily adaptable, the LED Advantus can be mounted singly on ceilings or walls or in a row application. Mounting options are zero clearance end mount for easy installation and maintenance in tight mounting applications. An exclusive easy mount tapered trunnion clamp supplies a secure aiming lock. Lenses are included for ease of maintenance and the preservation of optical integrity.


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The manufacturing processes behind the success of LED Advantus are a testament to Visa Lighting’s commitment to sustainability. Switching all paint options to powder coat, Visa has eliminated harmful solvents and hazardous materials once associated with the painting process. The venting system located in the plant is part of a smoke/fume extractor that is not exhausted outside but rather works to provide clean, conditioned air throughout the facility.

“Visa has not only designed a beautiful fixture with LED lamps but also reduced the environmental impacts of manufacturing light fixtures,” said Schoessler Lynn. “It is encouraging that Visa is leading the lighting industry into more sustainable practices.”

“It is refreshing to see that this manufacturer not only addresses energy efficiency by using LEDs, but addresses the manufacturing process by improving the painting process for the fixture itself, which helps to eliminate a harmful waste stream and addresses the workers health in the process as well,” said Aye.

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