EcoTop by Klip Technologies

April 3, 2009

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Being the first composite surface material product to combine rapidly renewable bamboo and post-consumer recycled paper fiber with its proprietary, clear, water-based resin system, Klip BioTechnologies has managed to effectively bring very durable and cost-effective products to market creating no adverse impacts on air quality, water quality or forest health.

“This new countertop addresses sustainability in the resource extraction of the main materials by using bamboo and paper fiber. It is aesthetically pleasing while focusing on indoor air quality issues and durability,” noted Aye.

EcoTop™ has superior UV stability against competitor products due to the water-based resin and color integrity all the way through the product. It is offered in 10 different colors, creating a very diverse line of products that will be able to suit any design. It is compatible with all household cleaning products and effectively cannot be stained with grease, wines, citruses, or coffee due to its lack of ability to absorb water.

Withstanding temperatures up to 360 degrees, this product’s composition makes it a very responsible, sustainable countertop option that out performs other mainstream product brand names. EcoTop products can be cut, sanded, and finished like wood and solid surface products without the risk of breaking, cracking, or sacrificing its pigment or natural appearance, making it very maintainable. Due to its long lasting, durable nature, this product will last decades and can be used for biofuel production at the end of its life-cycle.


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“Our goal is to design, develop, manufacture, and market the most durable, environmentally responsible, innovative, and cost-effective composites and resin systems in the world, making it sustainable without compromise,” said Joel Klippert, president of Klip BioTechnologies. “At KlipTech, we strive to create world leading sustainable products while meeting today’s aesthetic demands; winning awards like this shows that we are on the right track. While we are happy with the products we currently have on the market, we are working in the lab creating the next generation and hope to win this award again in the future.”

Judges said the company’s “innovative approach to using post-consumer recycled product with rapidly renewable material has resulted in a handsome countertop.” In short, EcoTop promotes sustainability in both environmental health and design.

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