Refresh Fiber by Universal Fibers

April 3, 2009

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ReFresh Fiber™ represents a pioneering step toward sustainable interiors. There are more than 1 billion pounds of used nylon 6,6 carpet coming up off the floor each year, and the industry has been searching for closed-loop solutions. ReFresh Fiber is made containing all colorants and performance additives. No toxic heavy metals are involved. No effluent streams from traditional range or beck dyeing. All polymeric manufacturing waste is recovered and reused.

Judges called the ReFresh product “an absolutely magnificent breakthrough” in flooring. “The inability to recycle nylon 6,6 fibers back into carpet has had a huge impact on the carpet industry,” explained Aye. “Universal Fibers has figured out how to recycle 6,6 nylon fibers back into face fiber from post-consumer carpet. In addition, they are addressing through an independent life-cycle analysis how this compares to using virgin 6,6 nylon. This breakthrough will hopefully decrease the thousands of yards of carpet that are being land-filled today as well as reduce manufacturers dependence on virgin nylon.”


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“Universal Fibers is thrilled that ReFresh Fiber has been selected to receive the honor of a Bloom Award from among a field of such worthy products. As but one link in the chain that stretches from discarded materials to exciting interior components, we share the recognition with all those on the journey to sustainability,” said Brendan McSheehy Jr., director of product development.

In summary, ReFresh Fiber is a significant step toward industry stewardship. It uniquely addresses nylon 6,6 carpet waste. It is a product that reduces oil consumption and clearly saves energy. Solution dyeing saves processing steps—a further environmental benefit. Universal Fibers is proud to be a sponsor of Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) and to work actively within that organization and the industry to promote sustainability. The company hopes this winning product will encourage others to innovate and commit to a sustainable business strategy for a better tomorrow.

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