Black & White by Momentum Group

April 3, 2009

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The Black & White Collection is a modern interpretation of nature’s four primary elements, exploring the use of lines and positive and negative space. It is the result of a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort to reduce the environmental impact of fabric and furniture.

“As extreme neutrals, this fabric line captures the simplicity of good design, addresses sustainability by using post-consumer recycled polyester, and partners with a chair manufacturer for end-of-life disassembly and fabric replacement,” the judges noted.

Manufactured using increasingly sustainable practices, all patterns are made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester, branded Terratex®, reusing 16 20-ounce soda/water bottles for every yard. All Terratex products exceed industry standards for quality, performance, and excellence and result in less waste in landfills and less demand for petroleum products.

The patterns were designed to work specifically on the new Zure chair by OFS. Made from recycled materials, both fabric and furniture have a reduced environmental impact; however, used in combination, as designed, fabric and furniture move toward true sustainability. The useful life of furniture is extended through removing the fabric and returning it to OFS to be made into the foam cushioning for the Zure chair. It creates a cycle of efficient resource utilization without all the typical complications of removing fabric from furniture or removing foam adhered to the textile with glue. At the end of its life, the chair can be melted down and repurposed as well.

“I really appreciate the intent to design an upholstery textile for a specific chair as a complete sustainable piece using a much too often disposable product—plastic soda bottles,” said Schoessler Lynn.


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Black and white are as elemental to design as earth, wind, water and fire are to life; thus the abstract expression of the four primary elements uses uncomplicated shapes to create simple forms with clean lines in the pure colors of black and white. Focused on collaboration between designers, inspiration from all things natural, and producing products that can be repurposed at the end of their life-cycle, Momentum Textiles aims to provide a unique design solution to the marketplace. The holistic and collaborative nature of the design process has allowed fabric and furniture—neither sustainable unto themselves—to create a final innovative design solution that truly has the potential to diminish the footprint left on the environment.

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