REI Saves Big with Solar

May 6, 2009

The new energy strategy at Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), the Seattle-based national outdoor retail cooperative, is very straightforward: Conserve first and, wherever possible and whenever economical, produce as much energy on-site with photovoltaics (PV) as possible. It’s a good philosophy to pass on to your clients.

The company enlisted help from a large team: Everyone from facility managers to architects to structural and solar electric design engineers weighed in.

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Add Sparkle and Depth to Terrazzo Floors Heritage Glass is a colored glass aggregate supplier to the terrazzo industry. We have taken the best color formulations and developed a way to process recycled glass into a terrazzo aggregate that has a desirable, multi-dimensional shape and permanent color that is not found in natural marble aggregate. With a wide range of color, glass is a perfect choice in terrazzo. Transparent glass also adds a sparkle and depth to terrazzo floors that can't be duplicated. For more information, visit: INDUSTRY NEWS
Transforming a Two-Star Hotel into a Four-Star Destination Spot
Sanctuary will be the Times Square destination for guests who seek to indulge in an extravagant stay in one of the world’s most exciting cities.
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Majority of Firms Plan for M&A Activity in Near Future
Seventy-one (71) percent of architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms plan to conduct a merger or acquisition in the next 5 years, according to the 2009 Merger & Acquisition Survey, a recent study by ZweigWhite.
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Five Campuses Receive the ACUI Facility Design Award of Excellence
Five campuses were chosen as recipients of ACUI’s Facility Design Awards, which recognize excellence in design of college unions and other student‐centered campus buildings.
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What Solar Power Has to Offer When it comes to renewable energy, solar power is definitely picking up speed. With more and more buildings taking on this new technology, solar power is becoming realizable.Read more »
High Design and the Hybrid Center
When architect Mark Tweed talks about retail, he draws a hard line between his kind of shopping experience and the competition’s. And what his center isn't seems almost as important as what it is.
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Sweet Escape
M&M’s World acts as a beacon in the heart of New York’s Times Square, delivering a larger-than-life expression of the candy-coated confection. But, in the midst of the flash and fanfare of the surrounding landscape, design and technology remain faithful to the fun, color, and character that are M&M’s.
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Back-Painted Glass by Dreamwalls
This versatile product can be used as showers and bath-stall walls, dry-erase boards, wall installations, cabinet doors, elevator walls, backsplashes, closet doors, headboards, tabletops, partitions, and signs.
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Glass Fabric Wall Systems by Vitrulan
Made from woven glass fabric, Vitrulan wall systems create a smooth, attractive surface. Existing cracks in walls or plaster disappear, and drywall cracks are prevented in new buildings and covered in older buildings.
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All-in-One Veri-Speaker by Napco
This all-in-one communication system delivers a higher level of central station monitoring since operator dialog is immediate and automatic.
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