Welcome to the Future Show

March 25, 2014
Welcome to the Future Show

The dynamic Cinema Futura in Zhongshan, China grabs your attention like the best Hollywood thriller.

Going to the movies can be a generic experience these days—a fact that should disappoint true lovers of cinema. Gone are the days of the freestanding theatre, with its intimate settings and beautifully buttered popcorn; today belongs to the multiplex, a lumbering mammoth of a building designed to deliver maximum entertainment in room after room, row after row. It’s movie-going, stripped of its magic and excitement. Buy your snack, sit, watch, leave. That’s unless, of course, you go to the movies in a cinema designed by Alexander Wong…

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Air. You feel it, you smell it, you breathe it.

Blofield is the world’s first brand to incorporate air into furniture design. This is a versatile, award winning product that can turn any space into a seating area. With durable, weatherproof material that can handle most any environment and an electric pump that inflates the product within minutes, Blofield can be used anywhere and everywhere.

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Web Exclusive: The Crayola Experience

The Crayola team drew no lines through the possibilities of creating an interactive experience that is not only imaginative but also educational at The Crayola Experience store in Easton, Penn. “Creating an experience that was bigger than life” became the main goal in the design of the space, says Christie Kratzer, principal of Reztark Design Studio who collaborated with the brand on the project.

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Invision Launches New Website

Invision, a company of J+J Flooring Group, has launched jj-invision.com, a newly updated website with inspirational design materials and galleries for products, projects and case studies. The online resource allows easy navigation on any computer or mobile device.

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Q&A with Stylex’s New Director of Design

Aodh O’Donnell has been appointed to serve as the Director of Design at Stylex. “Stylex is all about smart design, sensibly conceived from both an aesthetic and practical standpoint," he said. "I am truly excited to assume this position at a company where I will have an important impact on the conception and engineering of products that will influence this very dynamic brand’s future growth.”

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Allsteel’s Clarity of Vision

Seating now needs to perform triple-duty, transitioning from task, collaborative, and lounge duties without missing a step. That’s a tall order for many contract products, but one that the new Clarity series from Allsteel pulls off with aplomb.

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The Magnuson Group has introduced Dué, a multi-purpose, gumdrop-shaped and colored piece that can serve as storage, a planter or even seating.

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