Some of our favorites from the HD Expo

May 22, 2014
Dandelion, from Milliken's Altered Form Collection, illustrates the exploration of a simple dandelion in a micro point of view.
For the modernist, Kichler's Terna pendant fan is a statement maker in three varying finishes—brushed nickel, oil brushed bronze (shown here), and white.
A vast world traveler, Roger Thomas—for OW Hospitality—draws upon his every experience to influence his designs through this line, Custom Tailored.
TOTO's versatile Aero Shower System and its newest People-First Innovation—AeroJet+ Technology—transforms the daily shower into a luxurious experience
Caesarstone's Piatra Grey, which is part of the Classico Collection, provides natural beauty and functionality for any application.
Selvaggio from Green Hides Leather Studio offers a subtle multicolor mottling of colors simulating the fur of wild animals.

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