Chinese Luxury Hotel Takes Cues from Ming Dynasty

Aug. 4, 2015

The artwork and pieces throughout the space are influenced by the Ming period

Inspired by the ornamentation of Ming China, Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) took a refined and selective approach on the NUO luxury hotel. It embellishes where appropriate but also stands back and lets the quiet confidence take over.

“Design creates the soul of this hotel,” said Ian Carr, lead designer and co-CEO at HBA.

Guest rooms are based around the Chinese tea ceremony, which is a signature aspect of the NUO brand. Artwork also serves as a cornerstone throughout the space. The grand entrance features seven-foot tall blue and white Ming vases, intricately hand-painted. They flank a large sculpture centerpiece by famed contemporary artist Zheng Fanzhi.

“Being involved in developing the hotel’s distinct look was a very exciting process,” Carr explained. “It enlivened our imagination in the most rewarding way.” 

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