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Digital Toolbox: Eco-Friendly Cabinets by Mod Cabinetry

March 29, 2016

Use this app to render, design, and buy

$299 | www.modcabinetry.com

Mod Cabinetry recently launched the first ever U.S. platform for designers to render, design, and buy eco-friendly, ultra-stylish and totally personalized cabinets entirely online. The standout new service gives a non-toxic, couture twist to the humble kitchen cabinet, connecting users with professional kitchen designers for a single flat fee of $299. Clients can use the platform to create personalized, high-quality cabinetry in collaboration with an experienced design team.

Each cabinet is made in the USA and factory assembled using hardwoods and premium hardware. It is created to be non-toxic from top to bottom. All the finishes are zero VOC water based and the casework is GREENGUARD Certified to validate that healthy design standards are met.

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