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Digital ToolBox: Slate by iskn

June 28, 2016

$159.00  | www.iskn.co/

For architects and designers who prefer to sketch on paper with pencil or pen but love the convenience of digital drawings, iskn bridges both worlds with the Slate. The Slate is a writing surface that allows pen-and-paper enthusiasts to digitize their drawings, sketches, and notes. Use any type of sketchpad or an 8½” × 11” sheet of paper. Enjoy the way that the Pen glides over the paper thanks to the flexible writing surface. The surface’s special coating holds the paper in place.

To keep using your favorite drawing tools, iskn also invented the Ring. The Ring is a magnetic device that makes all your favorite pencils and pens compatible with the Slate. Moving from one pencil to the next, the Ring breathes new life into your drawing kit, instantly adding a magical digital dimension when you slip it on. Pencils, markers, pens, and calligraphy markers can all be used with the Slate.

In “Screenless” mode, the Slate can be used without an iPad thanks to its long battery life and internal storage capacity. Use the Slate anywhere you go and transfer your creations once you get home.

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