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Product+Breakdown: Shantell Martin Collection

July 28, 2016

By Momentum

If you were at NeoCon this year, you may have had the sneaking feeling you were being watched, just to find dozens of black-and-white faces staring at you from totes slung over shoulders. The popular bags came from the Momentum Group showroom and featured artwork by Shantell Martin to celebrate her collaboration with the textile company.

Combining Momentum’s sophisticated aesthetic and manufacturing with Martin’s fun and insightful artwork, the collection provides specifiers with a playful yet durable set of designs. Here’s how it all breaks down:

20-60 Feet

the average size of Shantell Martin’s artwork which translated into this collection


patterns make up the collection: Well Well Well, Why Why Why, Places Spaces Faces (cotton blends) and Silica Today Here Now (silicone)


colorways in vibrant hues


double rubs for Silica Today Here Now which is designed for high-traffic environments


max roll and full pattern width size


year Martin became an artist in residence at Autodesk


PVC-free silicone coating is used for Silica Today Here Now

30 Feet

length of the wall in Momentum’s showroom upon which Martin performed a live drawing during NeoCon 2016

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