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We are pleased to announce that Sina Pearson Textiles is now part of Momentum Group

Aug. 2, 2016

Three decades of design by textile icon Sina Pearson has culminated into an award winning and inspirational textile collection.

Three decades of design by textile icon Sina Pearson has culminated into an award winning and inspirational textile collection.

Sina Pearson will continue to design beautiful, innovative, sustainable textiles. At Momentum Group we celebrate design legacies – especially the extraordinary contributors to the contract textile industry. Designers such as Carl and Emanuela Magnusson, Sheila Hicks and Hazel Siegel have each brought a unique and distinctive voice to Momentum Group. These designers pushed the industry forward with their contributions and talents. Our newest partnership with Sina Pearson will continue and expand our appreciation for iconic design. Sina Pearson’s legacy begins anew with Momentum Group.

Momentum Group is extremely proud to call Sina our new partner. Sina’s passion is creating beautiful textiles. Our partnership will allow her more time to do just that. She will have added resources to explore new possibilities in design, sustainability and performance. Her personal style influenced by extensive travel, love of diverse cultures and the beauty of nature are sure to result in new endeavors continuing to excite her existing clients and many new ones. Sina Pearson fabrics will have exponentially more exposure through our sales team of over 60 representatives across North America.

“With Momentum Group, Sina Pearson will continue to design many more extraordinary fabrics now unencumbered by the daily task of running a business. She can focus 100% of her efforts on designing beautiful products for our customers.” - Roger Arciniega, President/CEO

Sina Pearson has greatly impacted our industry. She is passionate about appropriate textile usage and performance. In 1985 she co-founded ACT, The Association of Contract Textiles, the industries organization for standards and contract textile information. She travels the country giving an ACT Performance CEU to interior designers and specifiers. Sina practices green design by making every effort to find sustainable sources for her fabrics. At Momentum Group sustainability is core to our design. With our joint efforts designing innovative sustainable products,
Momentum Group and Sina Pearson will continue to be the industry leader.

"I believe in wasting less, using what we have more economically and leaving more for future generations. Each of us should make a commitment in our own way to preserve our precious environment."  Sina Pearson

Momentum Group is the tie that binds our brands: Momentum Textiles, Loomsource and Textus. Each Momentum Group brand has the same creative soul – textiles that inspire our customers, core values that anchor our business decisions and a commitment to the world around us.

Sina Pearson is the perfect addition to Momentum Group as the fourth distinct brand. She is a kindred spirit with a personal style that is all her own.

This iconic brand is individual with its own personal style and unique point of view. Color, yarn, weave and pattern give each Sina Pearson fabric a sense of place. Sina’s life experiences are reinterpreted and expressed in beautiful fabrics. The Nordic Collection was created after a trip to
Iceland. In January of last year, Sina won Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award for this collection. Year after year Sina Pearson has won
accolades from the contract textile industry. When experiencing her fabrics it is obvious why; every collection of Sina Pearson fabrics has an individual voice that speaks to the contract designer.

“A design team is most innovative when collectively tapping into the experiences and talents of the group members. With the addition of Sina we add a new creative perspective. We welcome her to the Momentum Group design team.” Shantel McGowan, Vice President of Design

Sina Pearson and Momentum Group are beginning a new chapter. Together we will strive to integrate beautiful textiles with innovation not yet imagined. Sina Pearson is an important part of our future story.

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