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Product Spotlight: New Color Tool Simplifies Matching, Sourcing

Aug. 31, 2016

Anew digital resource for designers, COLOR MUSE accelerates the way color inspiration and product specification can be managed, organized, and shared. COLOR MUSE, made by Variable, is a low-cost mobile color scanning system that saves time for designers and other industry professionals by streamlining and digitizing many of the manual activities associated with the interior design process. As a digital mobile tool, COLOR MUSE also allows for capturing color inspiration when and where it strikes.

The COLOR MUSE system consists of a small, handheld, technologically advanced scanning device and a downloadable app that works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

COLOR MUSE’s near-perfect matching capability means there is no misinterpretation of color between designer and client. This saves valuable time in the design process. Additionally, COLOR MUSE’s app—with nearly half a million products to choose from—allows users to quickly cross-reference brands, organize products, file color ideas, view room scenes with their color palettes, and integrate files to their design software.

olors and files can be easily shared with clients, colleagues, and friends through social media platforms. Likewise, inspirational images found on Instagram, Pinterest, or elsewhere can be easily integrated into a user’s COLOR MUSE app. It also connects users directly to manufacturers or approved vendors where purchases can be made.

Interior designers and others can purchase the handheld device for $49.00 at http://colormuse.io. The app is free and can be downloaded at the same site or at the iOS App or Google Play Stores.

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