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Digital Toolbox

Sept. 30, 2016


Monthly subscriptions start at $7.99

As digital tools continue to help the creative process evolve, Pantone has created a wide-ranging digital workspace that brings the renowned company’s vast  product and service offering to industry professionals’ and end users’ fingertips. Designed by full-service digital agency Rokkan with the designer in mind, the PANTONE Studio iOS app for iPhone provides a means for accessing Pantone colors in the world around us; creating and experimenting with color in palettes; and sharing work into design software, on social media, or with peers, clients, and collaborators.

PANTONE Studio members have access to a comprehensive library of more than 10,000 standardized hues across all Pantone libraries and disciplines, from fashion to graphic colors. Each guide is laid out in a chromatically organized grid that allows users to continuously scroll over color families to find the ideal selection for the job at hand. The app also allows for the creation of individual color palettes, consisting of up to five colors, by selecting from color guides, extracting colors from photos and images, searching by color number, and interacting with the custom palettes delivered in Pantone Color Institute content. New colors released by Pantone will be automatically updated in the digital studio.

Additionally, with PANTONE Studio designers have the ability to name palettes and add geotag locations; add tags that make palettes searchable; add inspirational images to use palettes as personal mood boards; store and manage an unlimited collection of palettes; and send palettes direct to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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