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READING ROOM: Spaces for Innovation—The Design and Science of Inspiring Environments

Oct. 25, 2016

By Kursty Groves Knight and Oliver Marlow £29.00

"Spaces for Innovation—The Design and Science of Inspiring Environments" is a research-based book about the relationship between the physical design of working environments and levels of creativity and innovation.

The conversation around the impact of the physical environment on workplace behavior has progressed over the past few years. This evolution has been guided by the changes in the way we work and the increasing importance of creativity in many different fields.  

"Spaces for Innovation" identifies the physical characteristics of workspaces that are associated with potential for exceptional innovation and determines why they have such an effect. A basic framework for the design of advanced environments, a “pattern language,” and a practical tool, this book can be used in analyzing ways to enhance physical space in the pursuit of innovation.

In addition, "Spaces for Innovation" acts as a pattern guide, providing context, examples, inspiration, and direction to help businesses explore and understand organizational challenges.

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