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J+J Flooring Group Recertified as a Zero Waste to Landfill Manufacturer

Nov. 3, 2016

J+J Flooring Group has been recertified as a Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL) manufacturer by GreenCircle Certified, a third-party certifier of environmental claims.  

J+J was originally certified by GreenCircle as a ZWL manufacturer in 2015. This marked the first time a commercial floor covering manufacturer had achieved ZWL status and went the extra step to have its waste diversion efforts audited and verified by a recognized, third-party certifier of environmental claims.  

GreenCircle’s certification covers J+J’s waste diversion at its Dalton, Ga., corporate campus, which includes both its manufacturing and administrative offices totaling 950,000 square feet. In addition to industrial and manufacturing waste, the company diverts waste from all bathrooms, break areas, offices, conference rooms, and design studios.

J+J’s recertification is in effect until May 2017. The company will continue to apply for recertification annually.  

During the 2015-2016 audit time period, J+J diverted more than 5.2 million pounds of waste from local area landfills. The company achieved this by recycling 3.8 million pounds, reusing 802,000 pounds, and sending 605,000 pounds of material waste to Covanta, the country’s largest energy-from-waste operator. Covanta converts the waste received from J+J to provide steam power to the Redstone Arsenal, a U.S. Army garrison that services the Missile Defense Agency of the Department of Defense, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, and other tenants.

By diverting 5.2 million pounds (2,600 tons) of waste from landfill, J+J achieved the equivalent of producing enough electricity to power 1,492 homes for a month or reducing the need of 109,200 gallons of fuel oil.  

“We see the benefits to this significant achievement every single day,” said Russ Delozier, J+J Flooring Group’s director of sustainability. “Going zero waste to landfill is generating financial and environmental benefits. It’s also a point of pride with our associates and customers. We are more energized than ever to continue on our path to being an environmental leader in both the industry and the community.”

GreenCircle’s recertification auditing activities include: verifying J+J’s manufacturing processes, sources and procedures; conducting a material flow analysis; and auditing the company’s downstream materials management organizations. 

J+J Flooring Group began landfill reduction efforts nearly 25 years ago. This and other critical sustainability goals are being met through the company’s strategic 20/20 Vision, a roadmap articulating the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility and how key environmental goals will be achieved by 2020. 

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