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Reading Room: ClothBound: Iconic fabric designs; stories of a handmade process

April 28, 2017

Julie Paterson | $45.00

ClothBound is Australian textile designer Julie Paterson’s first book. It chronicles the creative process behind many of her most iconic designs, as well as her 20-year journey as the founder of ClothFabric, where she creates natural furnishing fabrics by hand, all inspired by the Australian landscape. Just like her work, each book cover is unique, bound in yardage from a special run of hand-printed patterns, “Spotcheck” and “Boardwalk.”

“ClothBound is a book that’s taken me twenty years to write,” Paterson states on her website. “It showcases my creative process, tracing the development of ideas all the way from first images and notes made in my sketch books through to resolved collections. This book tells those stories, celebrates the imperfect and offers up a modest philosophy of sorts. It’s the heart and soul of Cloth in 240ish pages, and I’m proud of it.”
Paterson’s fabrics and artwork can be found in both hospitality and residential projects around the world. She continues to run intimate workshops at various locations in Australia.

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