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Reading Room: Design for Mental and Behavioral Health

July 19, 2017

Mardelle McCuskey Shepley and Samira Pasha | $64.95 (paperback)

Studies confirm that the physical environment influences health outcomes, emotional state, preference, satisfaction, and orientation, but less research has focused on mental and behavioral health settings. “Design for Mental and Behavioral Health” recaps design principles and research for design professionals who are working on the latest mental and behavioral health facilities, and those who are looking to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of facilities they have already designed.

In the book, authors Dr. Mardelle McCuskey Shepley and Samira Pasha examine mental and behavioral health systems, design research and existing standards, design guidelines, and offer illustrations of best practices. As needs for behavioral and mental health populations vary, the primary focus is on environments that support acute care, outpatient and emergency care, residential care, veterans, pediatric patients, and the treatment of chemical dependency.

Dr. Shepley is a professor in the Department of Design & Environmental Analysis and associate director of the Healthy Futures Institute at Cornell University, and is the founder of ART+Science design research consultants. Pasha is an architect and researcher at CallisonRTKL in Washington D.C. As part of the healthcare studio team, her work includes programming, planning, and evaluation of healthcare environments ranging from small unit renovations to health campus master plans, including domestic and international projects.

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