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Digital Toolbox: Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer

July 19, 2017

$9.99 on iTunes; $7.49 on Google Play ozpda.com

Sun Seeker by ozPDA provides a flat-compass view and an augmented reality, 3D perspective that illustrates the solar path, its hourly intervals, equinox, winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times, twilight times, magic hours, and more. Also included in the app is a map view that shows solar direction for each daylight hour, in addition to device notifications and a widget showing daily solar data and position on arc.

For architects and designers, Sun Seeker helps visualize the variability of the solar angle throughout the year in an interior environment. By using a GPS feature, magnetometer, and gyroscope, the app can find the correct solar position and path for the user’s location. A camera has an optional pointer to guide the user toward the current location of the sun. Solar paths on specific days can also be viewed in any location on Earth, as Sun Seeker includes 40,000-plus cities or custom locations.

Users should be aware that compass accuracy depends on having an undistorted magnetic field around the device. If the app is used in close range of metallic objects or electrical equipment, directional accuracy will be impaired. Compass Calibration must be switched on in the device’s settings, as well, as the Sun Seeker app's 3D view won’t work without it.

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