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Allseating Launches Initiative to Help Puerto Rico

Oct. 23, 2017

In the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastation, product manufacturer Allseating is calling on the furniture design community to support those who have been affected by the storm through a company-wide fundraising initiative, Stand with Puerto Rico.

Donations made to the Stand with Puerto Rico campaign are being collected through GoFundMe and have reached more than $4,000 since its launch, with that number growing daily. Reaching over one-third of the campaign’s goal of $10,000, the funds have helped to supply the island with four electric generators. Further contributions will go toward the purchase of additional generators, assisting those on the island who are still without electricity.

Chuck Bowering, regional sales director at Allseating, has overseen sales in Puerto Rico for several years and this devastation has moved him to take action in the region. Once Hurricane Maria hit the island, Bowering’s team reached out to all of their contacts, checking on their safety and well-being—Allseating’s Puerto Rican partners continue to experience many difficulties and hardships, including the lack of electricity needed to refrigerate food, charge their phones, or contact loved ones.

Chris Binnendyk, president of Allseating, said, “The notion of lending a helping hand to those in need is ingrained in Allseating’s company culture. When Chuck presented the idea of putting together a fundraising campaign, it seemed like a natural fit.”

Wanting to help his partners, Bowering initiated this fundraising campaign to support Allseating’s dealers and design partners in Puerto Rico, and donate generators as a temporary solution for these widespread outages. Allseating’s vast network of sales representatives, dealers, and customers have been asked by Binnendyk and Bowering to show their support on this initiative.

“Puerto Rico is part of my region and I have worked closely with the community there,” Bowering explained. “Since they’re a part of the Allseating family, it would not be right for us to ignore the fact that they are struggling. We are here to help them get back on their feet and provide them with the tools necessary to do so.”

To participate in this initiative or learn more, please visit Allseating Stands with Puerto Rico.

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