Material Reuse in the Built Environment: Achieving Circularity in Commercial Construction

April 17, 2023
To commemorate Earth Week 2023, watch this video from CallisonRTKL about how reusing materials can help architects and designers create a closed-loop system for construction projects.
Recognition is growing about the concept of a circular economy as a critical path forward in the construction industry. But how can teams take action? CRTKL collaborated with Construction Junction to envision a streamlined approach for implementing more reuse of building materials, especially in commercial construction. This video that explores how owners, designers and construction teams can engage with reuse centers and each other to support the transition to a circular economy in the built environment. Together, we aim to make it easier for all teams to evaluate their projects for reuse and support circularity wherever they are. You can also find more information at Construction Junction with further resources at Build Reuse.