Molecules Matter

Feb. 15, 2019

In developing creative product solutions, it is necessary to combine chemistry and technology with creative ideas to bring about positive disruption in product design. This group of panelists will review their experiences with the need for new product development and their processes to collaboratively work with manufacturers, technical teams, and chemists to develop creative solutions for product that are missing from the marketplace and support positive end-user outcomes. The goal is for new products to meet performance challenges as well as aesthetic design needs. Molecules really do matter when inventive technologies and chemistry formulations are being used to solve design problems. It is important for designers to ask the appropriate questions of manufacturers to better understand the formulations and what is involved in the chemistry behind the development of new technologies.

Video broadcast from Design ConnectionsModerator:  Todd Sims
Panelists: Donald Strum, Deidre Hoguet, & Linda M. Gabel
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This broadcast is approved for:
1 LU credit for continuing education through the AIA. 
1 health, safety, & wellness credit through the IDCEC

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