NSCA Expo Preview

Feb. 12, 2007
Show expands education for architects

The 2007 NSCA Expo, hosted by the National Systems Contractors Association, March 15-17 in Orlando, will feature a variety of new programs for architects. They can take advantage of the Connected Buildings™ Conference programs, tours that demonstrate technological best practices, educational courses in which they can earn learning units, and the show floor filled with 450 of today's most innovative companies working in the commercial electronic systems industry.

"Technical systems have become integral to a building's purpose," says Chuck Wilson, NSCA executive director. "Because we are seeing more and more architects trying to stay ahead of the latest technology, we are expanding the number of architectural educational programs at Expo. At the 2007 Expo, we will launch the Connected Buildings Conference to give architects a look into the future of intelligent buildings and will offer tours and educational courses to provide architects with needed learning units."

This 1-day, high-level conference is designed for architects, design professionals, building owners, facility managers, and IT decision makers who want to learn about the rapid advancements in integrating technology into facility design, a knowledge area in high demand by building owners. Attendees will discover how to use technology to generate revenue streams; improve health, safety, and security; enable workplace productivity; and reduce building life-cycle costs.

One of the sessions takes a comprehensive look at the types of technologies that are being applied to building management. "My Building is Smarter than YOURS! UH-HUH ... The Intelligent Building Lives" by Jeff Thorsteinson of Technology Resources Co. will highlight state-of-the-art technologies such as building maintenance management systems that allow users to manage resources from afar; equipment that reports on its performance so replacement and repair costs can be anticipated; and Internet protocol (IP) services that provide unified communications, data storage and protection, secure access and accountability, networked audio for spectacular communications, and digital signage.

The conference will include several sessions that are approved by the Construction Specifications Institute and American Institute of Architects. Courses will highlight design considerations for audiovisual IP networks and technology infrastructure in building design. Attendees can also participate in an Intelligent Building Services Forum on Tomorrow's Intelligent Buildings that offers perspectives on what is needed in tomorrow's buildings and what is needed from the vendors involved in projects. Participants will include building owners, technology manufacturers, and technology drivers in the industry.

A tour of Altamonte Town Center and Crane’s Roost Park features a stage that literally floats on a lake.
PHOTO: Courtesy of TEER Engineering 

To complement the education, the conference offers a tour of an Intelligent Building Services Showcase. Attendees can participate in interactive applications that demonstrate IP-enabled automation; monitoring and detection; and converged communications, resulting in improved building efficiency and customer satisfaction. Attendees will learn how to profit from a variety of IP-based products that can be positioned as services in a managed environment within a building or suite of buildings.

Tours Demonstrate Technological Best Practices

Attendees at the 2007 Expo will learn firsthand how technology was put to work at the Altamonte Town Center, Crane's Roost Park, and the First Baptist Church of Orlando.

The town center/park is a 25-acre, 1.5 million-square-foot development in Altamonte Springs, FL. This development will be the core of a meticulously planned, 1,375-acre central business district that allows people to work, play, and even live in the same well-designed community. Teer Engineering will take Expo attendees behind the scenes to see a "plug-n-play" AV system that has the ability to broadcast scheduled events to all locations within the park simultaneously. Entertainment can be viewed on large screens with crisp sound projected from the perspective of being in front of the main stage. Featured on the tour is a stage that literally floats on Crane's Roost Lake. The 100- by 60-foot floating stage includes the upgraded venue's 900-seat amphitheater. The tour will showcase the special requirements for this unique attraction.

Expo attendees can learn firsthand how technology was put to work at the First Baptist Church of Orlando.
PHOTO: Courtesy of First Baptist Church of Orlando

The First Baptist Church of Orlando is a magnificent worship venue. Active 7 days a week, the church is home to more than 13,000 members. It sits on a 140-acre campus and seats more than 5,500 people.

Church tours will highlight the technology that makes the worship center come alive during its two Sunday morning worship services, which use different music styles and appearances. The worship center features large sound, moving light, video, broadcast TV, imaging, and intercom systems. Other areas highlighted on the tour include Faith Hall - a conventional multiuse space with sound, lighting, AV, and room that combines these systems. Also for viewing are Henry Chapel and the student center, both with state-of-the-art AV systems and lighting.

Educational Courses Offer Learning Units

NSCA's Expo features five courses designed specifically for architects. All courses have been approved by the AIA and offer learning units. They are:

  • "Sound Isolation Tips, Tricks, and Traps," presented by Acentech
  • "Making Sound Absorption Fit the Room - Not Vice Versa," presented by Acentech
  • "Design Considerations for Audiovisual IP Networks," presented by Acentech
  • "Technology Infrastructure in Building Design," presented by Wiremold
  • "Interconnect Technology with Architecture ... Power, Data, Telecommunications, IT, and AV within Floors, Walls, and Furniture," presented by FSR

To register for the NSCA Expo and the Connected Buildings Conference, contact NSCA at 800-446-6722 or visit More details about the exhibitors, speakers, and events are available online.

About NSCA

The National Systems Contractors Assocation (NSCA) is a not-for-profit association representing the professional and commercial electronic systems industry. The association's 2,500-plus member base is comprised of professional and commercial electronic systems contractors/integrators, product manufacturers, independent design consultants, sales representatives, architects, specifying engineers, building owners, facility managers, and other industry professionals.

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