Sources: Glass Elements

Sept. 1, 2007
Unlike most artists working in glass, Yorgos Papadopoulos treats his medium with a healthy disrespect. Using a technique he developed at the Royal College of Art, Papadopoulos breaks colored and textured sheets of industrial glass and then re-laminates them to make architectural-scale artworks that look fragile but are extremely durable. The works produced from Yorgos Glass express the built-in paradoxes of glass: that it is commonplace and extraordinary, visible and invisible, dangerous and strong.
Nathan Allan Glass Studios' Sphere Glass can be attached to clear sheets or to cast textured sheets of glass. Available in a variety of material compositions and finish options, Nathan Allan offers Sphere Glass in seven colors (Golf Leaf, Bronze, Grey, Multi, Green, Aqua Blue and Blue).The beauty and translucency of handcrafted textured glass is conveyed in Screen-a new modular partition by Joel Berman Glass Studios. Screen is ideal for hospitality applications and for other environments where spaces are open. Textured art glass functions well as a partition, dividing a space while working with light in intriguing ways. Combining panels of glass featuring organic and symmetrical art glass textures, Screen becomes a functional glass sculpture. The modular nature of the system allows the user to combine units for a larger, more dramatic application.
Livinglass, a leading manufacturer of decorative transparent and translucent laminated glass panels, offers ecologically responsible products that utilize recycled, recyclable and renewable resources. Capturing an array of natural materials between sheets of real luminous glass, Livinglass products are durable, impact-resistant, structurally stable, and resistant to UV damage, chemical deterioration and water penetration. Livinglass can be installed with off-the-shelf glass hardware or customized for the most innovative installations.

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