Parting Pick: Now You See It…

March 1, 2008

There's an alternative to the traditional shades and blinds that are used in most window applications. Elmont Glass' liquid crystal switchable glass offers privacy when you need it by switching from clear to opaque at the push of a button. The electrically controlled switchable glass is energy efficient and offers audible as well as visual privacy on demand with a variable Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating, which can be tailored to the user's needs.

The glass can be insulated and safety tempered for a variety of uses in commercial applications, including conference rooms, offices, and storefronts. Currently in use on the $2 million nonprofit John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, switchable glass creates an isolation booth for the bus' recording studio.

Because it is laminated, the glass provides the added safety feature of blocking 99 percent of harmful UV rays that cause colors to fade and contribute to sunburn. Available in virtually any color, shape, and size, switchable glass can be installed anywhere glass is needed, including windows, doors, ceilings, and floors. It can be used in curved, bent, and low-iron glass installations and can be layered for bullet resistance.

Key Advantages

  • Can run on 9-volt battery
  • Available for flat, bent, or curved installations
  • Available in any color
  • Variable STC rating provides soundproofing
  • Ability to be insulated, safety tempered, or layered
  • Can act as a projection screen
  • Lamination blocks 99 percent of harmful UV rays
    Can work on a dimmer switch for a fading effect

For more information, visit: www.elmontglass.com

Switchable glass replaces shades or blinds to provide both audible and visual privacy at the push of a button while blocking harmful UV rays.

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