Sources: Conferencing Elements

March 1, 2008
In today's conference market, design and functional sophistication are typically achieved at an elevated cost. With Saber, Nucraft makes a bold statement, proving that high design can, in fact, be delivered at extraordinary value. Saber offers a sleek, contemporary design. Fine wood craftsmanship is masterfully integrated with elegant metal accents in both table and credenza products. Saber is highly functional as well, offering scalable power/data options from simple to complex.
Fueling creativity, interaction and collaboration ... building relationships ... these aren't just activities, they are major organizational goals. Krug's VIRTU conveys your organization's commitment to the highest standards—to your staff, your customers, and other stakeholders. VIRTU facilitates great presentations and allows for multi-functional use of space for hospitality, training, and video conferencing. With VIRTU, your people can go as far as their ideas can take them.Surfacetech introduces the TeslaTM Collection. This stunning line of conference tables, credenzas, lecterns, and sound boards offers optional inserts that allow designers to customize the furniture. Select decorative inserts from wood veneer panels, frosted glass, laminate, or screen-printed aluminum. These choices let the designer transform the furniture from classic to contemporary styles that will blend with any environment.
Using proprietary techniques for applying and profiling, Vecta's new conference room table HostTM features signature wood edges and solid wood trimming. Host also features accessible Technology Access Points (TAPs) on either side of the table. Each TAP opens to provide four power outlets. Host is available with a slim, flared, or round base (exclusively for round tables) to conceal technology apparatus while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

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