Parting Pick: Mirage Montage

April 1, 2008

A new technology has made it possible to spice up interior installations using simple glass blocks. ACG's Color Mirage™ is a unique line of decorative glass blocks that give off a specific color and pattern. The light-infused glass blocks appear to change color as the viewer's perspective to the product changes or the light sources relative to the product change in direction or intensity.

The effect is made possible by an optical thin film technology process through which thin alternating layers of materials — usually metallic oxides or ceramics — are placed on the inside surface of the blocks. These layers allow the glass to reflect, transmit, or absorb specific wavelengths, causing the blocks to give off a specific color or pattern. Available in several colors and sizes, and with patterns from cloudy to water bubble or water waves, Color Mirage blocks are ideal for many interior installations such as counters and backsplashes, interior shower walls, partition walls, and accessory pieces.

For More information, visit: www.colormirage.com

Color Mirage blocks are coated with a thin film that allows them to appear to change color and pattern when there is a change in the viewer's perspective.

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