Sources: Glass Elements

Sept. 1, 2008

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Nathan Allan Glass Studios releases its newest unique product line, “Fusion Glass.” Produced in 14 brilliant color selections, Fusion Glass incorporates iridescent color features of Dichroic glass with clear or low iron options. Fissures and air bubbles also become integral components of the finished glass pieces, and make the final appearance even more spectacular. Fusion Glass is available with textured or polished edges.
George Papadopoulos of Yorgos Glass links two high profile subjects—the effects of violence and environmental change—in his recent piece: Dissection. Using six suspended layered laminated glass panels, Papadopoulos, who developed this pioneering technique of glass lamination while at the Royal College, creates bullet hole-effects of increasing size as if animating the glass through time. The subtle inclusion of color and sandblasting adds to the atmosphere of each panel allowing a metaphorical link between the timescale of the geological evolution of the world and the immediacy of a recently fired bullet.Joel Berman Glass Studios introduces Transition, a revolutionary new technique in glass casting that allows an area of deeply embossed texture to transmute fluidly to smooth, flat, transparent glass in the same panel. Previously thought to be impossible, this recently perfected technique represents a radical departure from convention in terms of kiln-casting methods, and is an important advancement in glass forming technology. For architects and designers, Transition offers a new form of expression in glass.
UltraGlas provides an unexpected, yet distinctive, alternative to traditional flooring materials. An artful combination of textured glass surfaces (which interact beautifully with natural and artificial light) can incorporate virtually any specified opaque or translucent color palette. In addition to UltraGlasTile, which may be employed in select flooring applications, flooring components may be specified in virtually any size or shape and in thickness up to ¾-inch. Components may also be laminated for suspended surfaces, or to meet code or other requirements. Translucent flooring may be specified for back-lighting applications.

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