Sources: Wallcoverings

Oct. 1, 2008

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OMNOVA Solutions introduces Highwire, Tightrope and Zingana, the latest design offerings in its portfolio of TOWER® contract wall coverings. Possessing unique textures and designs, these three patterns offer complementary palettes of highly stylized elemental colorways—from warm reds and golds to cool blues and greens. In corporate and hospitality environments alike, Highwire (featured) will energize while it mesmerizes with its oblique angles created by color streaking across a horizontal doupioni, silk background texture. With a scintillating palette of 18 colorways, Highwire carries your senses to new heights in design and color.
Eurotex wall carpet muffles sound and reduces operating costs by protecting walls. Lanai, the most recent addition to the Eurotex wall carpet collection, is 100 percent woven wool with a flame-proof back. Rated Class A for resistance to flame and smoke, Lanai features an articulated linear loop-pile surface and is available in eight colors. Tahiti, a companion floor carpet in the same texture, is offered in many of the same colors.Wolf-Gordon announces the arrival of Geo Graphic, the second generation of wall coverings designed by Laurinda Spear exclusively for Wolf-Gordon. In Geo Graphic, Spear finds her muse in the natural world, taking inspiration from topographical cityscapes, trees, woods, and even mermaids. Abstracting the essence of these sources while capturing inherent drama through light, texture, and color, Spear has created a collection of modern and sophisticated patterns suitable for a range of contract interiors—from hospitality and corporate to leisure and spa.
Source One recently launched Sticks, the first pattern from its design competition that has been added to the Source One collection. The winning designer, Tina Forrestel of City Spaces Inc., notes the sophisticated lines of Sticks stretch from floor to ceiling, creating movement within a space. One of the most interesting characteristics of Sticks is the versatility of the pattern. The overall effect of Sticks can be subtle, with a tone-on-tone color palette, or it can make a statement using white lines on color or matte vs. glossy—the possibilities are endless!

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