Sources: Textiles

Oct. 1, 2008

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SilverState fabrics’ Body & Soul is a revolutionary, high-performance fabric collection that delivers extraordinary design, and uses recycled raw materials to create a more valuable product. The collection provides total comfort for your body and your soul—without compromising any aesthetic beauty. Body & Soul is made from 100 percent recycled and recyclable polyester that is extruded from the resin used in PET water bottles. Exceeding high abrasion standards with at least 30,000 double rubs, Body & Soul fabrics have a stain resistant finish called Blockaide for easy cleanability.
Unika Vaev introduces the Europa Collection, with four new upholstery styles telling a story of texture, color and performance. Like the uniqueness of each European area for which they are named, patterns Brussels, County Cork, Champagne, and Riviera represent sophisticated luxury. The Europa Collection works in many applications—from traditional office settings to other high-traffic installations—making it a perfect choice for any project.New Century Modern offers a mix of five upholstery fabrics in classic textures and intriguing patterns that fuse timeless style with current design. Patterns Burst, Ensemble, Micro Bubbly, Tech Stripe, and Ultra Faille blend harmoniously with Luna Textiles’ existing lines, offering classic and contemporary complements to Luna’s signature patterns. New Century Modern keeps in-step with today’s need for environmental sensitivity by incorporating innovative, sustainable materials such as organic cotton and Eco-Wool, without compromising luxury and design.
By carefully examining the small things that are commonly overlooked, Loop develops sophisticated fabrics with a modern twist, giving hospitality and commercial spaces a unique personality. Simple objects, such as paperclips, staples and matchsticks take on new life in the Everyday Objects Collection. Instead of being used and tossed to the wayside, Loop pays homage to these quirky bits and pieces by incorporating them into the new collection’s design motifs.

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