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Jan. 1, 2009

APOGEE® Wireless, from Siemens Building Technologies Inc. of Buffalo Grove, IL, enables building automation devices - such as room controllers, point modules, meters, variable frequency drives, and room temperature sensors - to communicate wirelessly. APOGEE Wireless utilizes wireless mesh technology, which creates a self-forming, self-healing network virtually transparent to the system and end-user. As a result, the mesh network topology gives the devices redundant paths of communication to ensure a high level of reliability no matter the environment. That means the network can't be compromised because a signal is able to circumvent obstructions as it seeks and finds its target.

The technology within APOGEE Wireless enables flexibility in the placement of devices like temperature sensors; it is also a good option for use in historically significant buildings, since the wireless devices can be installed without the risk of damaging the structures.

Among the benefits in using APOGEE Wireless are the following:

  • Protect and increase the value of the investment by constructing state-of-the-art, operationally efficient facilities. With APOGEE Wireless, a building will be more marketable and your client, the end-user, will be better prepared to capitalize on future technologies.
  • Simplify design while increasing flexibility. Wireless environments easily adapt to changing needs.
  • Install or retrofit a facility's building automation system faster, easier, and with less disruption to occupants, operations, and facility structure.
  • Eliminate costs and constraints associated with re-wiring and maintenance every time a space is reconfigured.
  • Upgrade or expand legacy systems seamlessly and cost-effectively. If needed, migrations can be staged to accommodate budgets and schedules.
  • Occupants work within a more comfortable indoor environment. Wireless devices can be strategically located for better control and increased sensitivity to changing conditions.

For Info: www.buildingtechnologies.usa.siemens.com

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