MedLux by Everbrite Lighting

April 8, 2009

MedLux™ GPI reduces accidents in the MRI suite, decreases maintenance and operational costs, and is sustainable.

Everbrite Lighting’s MedLux™ GPI, a graphic panel illuminator for MRI suite applications, addresses three important issues: reducing accidents in the MRI suite, decreasing maintenance and operational costs, and sustainability.

The GPI uses long-life LEDs to illuminate patient comfort images. LEDs do not react with magnetic imaging, contain no mercury, and help reduce energy consumption by lowering carbon dioxide emissions generated by power plants. The series is noise-free and will not interfere with radio frequencies. There are no filaments or UV or IR emissions. 

Because LEDs don’t have filaments to react with an MRI’s magnetic field, the typical premature lamp failure is eliminated.  In other words, for the entire life of the magnet, maintenance crews will never enter the suite to change a light bulb. 

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