Trilogy by Alarm Lock

June 10, 2009

Alarm Lock’s new Trilogy double-sided standalone pushbutton cylindrical locks incorporate all of the important features of the company’s most popular locks. The DL5200, the first of three double-sided locks, includes many characteristics found on the DL2700 (T2) digital lock. Keypad programmable for up to 100 users, DL5200 is ideal for jails, interrogation rooms, airport jet bridge doors, courtyard gates, and community pool gates. Programming user codes on one side of the door work both sides, cutting time and labor in half. Standard prep and IC models available with LED audible entry indicators, 5AA batteries, and 80,000 cycle runs make DL5200 a sophisticated access-control system. DL5200 is available in weatherproof and can withstand temperatures ranging from –31 degrees F. to 151 degrees F.

The Trilogy double-sided DL/PDL5300 PIN/Prox locks come with extra features, including audit trail and HID Prox capability. These security enhancements allow employees from jails, interrogation rooms, and casino cash counting rooms to feel at ease as they conduct business under tight scrutiny. Simply add or delete users from the keypad and assign access to one or both sides of the lock using Alarm Lock’s free DL Windows software. DL/PDL5300 grants access, for up to 2,000 users, provides 40,000 event audit trail, and 500 scheduled events including 4 quick schedules. The data port for programming and querying audit trail is on the primary side of the door, along with a functioning mechanical key override. DL/PDL5300’s 5AA battery operated, 60,000 cycle, high-performance in extreme climates of –31 degrees F. to 151 degrees F., packs tremendous sales potential.

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