Wallcoverings by Vitrulan

June 23, 2009

With Vitrulan wallcovering systems, interior walls can be treated as a design element, without sacrificing function or durability.  

Made of 100-percent finely spun glass yarn, Vitrulan wallcovering systems enhance the style of any space. Unique color combinations and creative paint techniques produce attractive and flexible wall designs. Vitrulan wallcovering comes in customizable white patterns that customers can paint in the color of their choice. As needed, the wallcovering can then be repainted many times to allow for complete redesigns or for simply freshening up any environment to evolve with changing demands. Plus, the wide selection of textures adds depth and dimension to walls.

With Vitrulan, interior walls can go as far as the imagination can take them. Walls can even become a magnetic display area, with the use of Vitrulan Magnet. A metallic coating on the back of the wallcovering allows magnets to be adhered directly to the wall itself – no need for separate cork or expensive magnetic boards. It’s the perfect solution for settings like schools, offices, and hospitals, any place where creativity and multifunctionality come into play. Another unique option from Vitrulan allows walls to literally become a reflection of a company or organization’s identity. With the use of Vitrulan Phantasy Logo, a company’s logo or any element of its identity can be designed into the wallcovering – whether it be for one feature wall or the entire wall area.

More than just a beautiful surface, Vitrulan wallcovering systems are highly resistant to wear and tear and feature excellent reinforcing characteristics, which helps reduce maintenance costs. They prevent drywall cracks in new buildings and cover existing cracks in older buildings. For extreme durability that still matches the space’s style, Vitrulan wallcoverings can be coated with any color of latex paint and a combination of low-VOC epoxies or polyurethanes.

Vitrulan wallcoverings and coatings also offer unparalleled hygiene qualities, as well as environmental benefits. They are chlorine free, emit low volatile organic compounds, and have a high permeability rating, making them the perfect choice for hygiene-sensitive areas, like restaurants and healthcare and assisted living facilities. Plus, there are no pores and pockets in which micro-organisms could accumulate. Vitrulan glass fabric is manufactured from abundant natural raw materials (quartz) and contains no plasticizers or any harmful chemical agents. Thanks to their environmental benefits, the use of Vitrulan wallcovering systems may contribute to earning LEED® certification. Plus, they are certified through ASTM testing to be Class I and non-flammable, providing fire safety to any facility.

The Vitrulan collection of glass fabric wallcoverings consists of four main product lines: Phantasy Plus, Magnet, Phantasy Logo, and the Vitrulan Reinforced Polyurethane (VRP) Wall System. All product lines feature glass textiles in unlimited designs and color options – but with different coatings, made to suit specific applications. The Vitrulan wallcovering system is installed in a simple three-step process: 1) apply Vitrulan wallcovering (similar to hanging traditional wallpaper); 2) roll on paint; 3) roll on polyurethane coating. The result is a hard-wearing, attractive wallcovering that’s also easy to maintain.

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