Composite Street Light Poles by Duratel

June 29, 2009

Property owners and developers looking for an extra parcel to commercialize on their land can help themselves to a bright idea in street lighting. Duratel Composite Street Light Poles conceal a generous hollow weatherproof storage area where WiFi antennas can be mounted and protected out of sight. Building WiFi coverage capabilities into new developments, neighborhoods, shop/office centers, hotels/resorts, in parks, or along the public way can greatly improve real property and parcel market value, and leasing antenna space can produce reliable rental income. Duratel Street Light Poles are made from a composite material that's virtually transparent to WiFi and cellular frequencies.  Duratel poles are lightweight, easy to install, maintenance free for 80+ years, withstand hurricane-force winds, and will never rot or corrode, even in the harshest of environments. Duratel Street Light Poles are available in a variety of standard sizes and colors, and can be custom fabricated for architectural themes. Crossbar sign fixtures are optional.

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