WHISPERWAVE by pinta acoustic

Aug. 3, 2009

pinta acoustic inc. has introduced WHISPERWAVE curved accent acoustical control products available as panels, baffles, ceiling clouds, and awnings. WHISPERWAVE products can be suspended from the ceiling as a cloud or baffle, mounted along the wall like a ribbon, or used as an awning.

WHISPERWAVE products provide exceptional acoustical control across all frequencies, making them ideal for use in classrooms, cafeterias, multi-purpose rooms, indoor swimming pools, offices, libraries, religious facilities, and other large open areas. 

WHISPERWAVE Ceiling Clouds and Awnings are available in dimensions up to 48 inches by 96 inches, in 2-inch and 3-inch thicknesses, and in custom sizes. Ceiling clouds and awnings install easily to ceiling-mounted cables and corkscrew hangers. 

WHISPERWAVE Wall Panels have an NRC of up to 1.05 and are available in dimensions of up to 48 inches by 96 inches; in 1-1/2-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch thicknesses; and in custom panel sizes and custom curves.  Panels also can be joined for a long ribbon appearance.  Panels easily install on walls with acouSTIC adhesive.

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