Morph by Columbia Lighting

July 28, 2009

Morph T5HO luminaires offer unprecedented energy savings and light control. They also feature:

  • T5HO technology to get comparable light levels of traditional 400W metal halide.
  • One-for-one replacement with up to 52-percent energy savings.
  • Bi-level inboard/outboard switching to save energy and meet new energy codes.
  • International Dark-Sky Compliance.
  • Optional sculpted look for architectural appeal.
  • Forward-throw optics that reduce light trespass.
  • UL 1598 Wet Location certification.
  • Precision fabricated and formed aluminum housing with high-quality welded and ground seams.
  • Post production powder coat finish that provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Extruded aluminum door frame with secure latching that provides access from below.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum body that provides excellent heat dissipation and maximum ballast life.
  • Lightweight construction that simplifies fixtures replacement.

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